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More Than Pretty Photos: How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

May 9, 2020

Picture this: you’re recently engaged and wedding planning is in full swing. You’re looking at your to do list and what is one of the top items? Find a photographer!
There are so many wedding photographers to choose from and they all produce gorgeous work. I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself “How am I going to choose the one”? My biggest piece of advice: take a look at the person behind the camera.

The photos you’re about to see are from the first wedding I ever booked as the lead photographer. This couple booked me in March for their November wedding. In March I had absolutely zero wedding experience. Yep you read that right. So why on Earth did they choose me as their photographer??? Simply put, I showed them ME.





I had a game plan when I first met Amber. I came ready to show her what I’ve done, what I was currently doing, and where I planned to be by the time her wedding rolled around. I pulled up couples sessions I had done and let her know that I had upcoming second shooter gigs that would give me some experience before her big day. We walked through different scenarios that could arise the day of and how I would go about handling them. I listened to her concerns and watched as my confidence in myself when I responded eased those concerns.
I also let her know that I cared about her and Drew as a couple…they weren’t just dollar signs in my eyes. I’m not the photographer that’s going to show up to the wedding, take photos, and leave. I truly want to know your story. I want to know YOU.





You know how when you found your person you just knew? I think it should be like that when you choose your photographer. That’s how it was with me and Amber. She trusted me and believed in my abilities even though I didn’t have a ton of work to show her. We just clicked. Keep that in mind when you’re looking at all of those pretty photos from all of those talented photographers. Set up an in-person meeting. Hop on a phone call. Get to know the person behind the lens.