It Me

I’m a trend setter, an adventurer, a coffee lover and a photographer! I love experiments and personal projects. Finding new perspectives and breathing in new life into old boring scenes is what inspires and gets me excited! If you call yourself a creative, proudly wear that title, be memorable, inspire others and always be ahead of the crowd! Be Evóra!
May 9, 2020

More Than Pretty Photos: How to Choose a Wedding Photographer

Picture this: you're recently engaged and wedding planning is in full swing. You're looking at your to do list and what is one of the top items? Find a photographer! There are so many wedding photogr...

May 5, 2020

COVID-19: The Ultimate Reminder of what Marriage is Truly About

I've always known that weddings were about two insanely in love people coming together and becoming one. I'm sure you're sitting there saying "Duh, Brianna" but hear me out for a second. It's so easy ...

November 23, 2019

Intimate Virginia Beach Garden Wedding

Being able to photograph this wedding was fate. No doubt about it. When Brianna messaged me in June she wasn't engaged yet, but we had the oddest things in common (our vegan lifestyles being one). We ...

August 4, 2019

Sunrise Elopement | Virginia Beach, Virginia

I'm always telling myself I need to wake up early to watch the sun rise every once in a while. It seems like it's good for the soul, ya know? Well I finally made it happen and the results were epic. I...

February 1, 2019

Josh and Lars | O’ahu Adventurous Couple Session

This sessions was so good for my soul. For starters, it was in Hawaii. Need I say more?? We were surrounded by mountains and the Pacific Ocean. I still can't believe people like Josh and Lars get t...

January 2, 2019

Eric and Sena | Oahu Mountain Elopement

These babes? Hawaii? Insanely gorgeous views? What a flipping dream. Eric and Sena are Texas natives living on Oahu with there three gorgeous kiddos (and one on the way)! Eric's in the military and S...